AI Skill-First Career Navigator ​

A better way to advise candidates on the career options in your company ​

The product​

AI Skill-First Career Navigator​


An online tool that allows you to present to​
 the candidate your career options and ​
possible career paths ​


The tool uses AI to map the candidate CV to your company competency framework and skills ​


And  suggests possible roles and the skills the candidate will develop when they execute those roles ​

During The Recruitment Process​ ​

At an event career, you give an email address that the candidate can send their CV ​

AI automatically identifies the possible positions for the candidate

You show them to the candidate and ask if he/she wants to apply for any of those ​

As an attraction tool at events ​  ​

The candidate applies via their CV​

The AI automatically extracts the skills and career options ​

The recruiter may use the information during the​

why choose us


Attract candidates​

New way to attract candidates with AI by showcasing the company career options and skills​

Assess candidates​

Assess candidates by using AI to map candidate’s CV and/or interview details with company competency framework ​

Improve retention ​

Make sure that you hire the people with the right skills for the right job​

Career Navigator​

Candidates can view the various career paths that they may pursue.​

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